Best Cupboards for your Room

Renovating a room is no easy task. For those familiar with the renovation, know that how much time, energy and planning go into planning a room design. From the placement of the bed to the placement and size of the wardrobe, the look and feel of the room depending on all these components. With a wide range of options available and an even wider range of designing ideas, browsing the internet for the perfect wardrobe can be difficult. So here we bring for you the various types of cupboards with their utilities to help you out in choosing the right cupboard for your room.

  • Free Standing: they are the traditional cupboards that are available in almost every household. Easy to move around, they are available in metal, plastic, and wood. However, they are convenient for those who have a lot of room space or are looking to fill the room with furniture as they take up quite an amount of horizontal space in a room. But Nowadays free standing cupboard taking place of a stylish portable cupboard or Bamboo rack like we don’t have space and not being our own house, on that place ist kind of wardrobes are best and best designs of the cupboard.

Portable wardrobe image


            Bamboo Rack/cupboard 






  • Wall mounted:-The new trend in every household is the wall mounted cupboards or wardrobes. Built-in cupboards like these are perfect for smaller places or rooms that cannot compromise on the horizontal space. Besides the graceful look that they offer, they can be made easily into bigger sizes as space is not an issue here.


  • Sliding door: Built from the floor to the ceiling, these wardrobes offer extra space as the sliding door does not takes up as much space as the opening door. They are stylish and when combined with wall mounted cupboards, give a graceful and elegant look.

  • Walk in wardrobes: What is better than space where all your clothes are displayed in an organized manner and there is space to change. The walk-in wardrobes are huge trend now-days, owing to the graceful and rich look they provide as well as the organizing and space advantages. However, they can be built only where there is a lot of space

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